Prime Line 3.9 with Adjustable Feet


$410.00 + GST

With Prime we took everything we know about designing qualitative ladders and embarked on a new era. This is where safety, quality and design meets.

  • Innovative triangular design for increased stability and strength
  • Correct leaning angle
  • Angled rubber feet and rubber tops maximise surface grip
  • Friction profiles on steps to minimise risk of slipping
  • Dirt channels – Maximise friction with no dirt between feet and steps
  • Minimum turning radius in small spaces
  • Simple to transport – Fits in all cars
  • Simple and safe unlocking
  • Always the right height
  • Wide safety treads – Ergonomic to stand on for long periods of time
  • Compact and portable – Light but strong
  • Highly recyclable
  • Silicon break technology
  • Made of high quality anodised aluminium with glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings
  • For professionals by professional
  • Comes with adjustable feet

Adjustable Feet – We have never been satisfied with good enough and we have never settled for less. A ladder should be just as handy in stairs and on un-even surfaces as it is in front of your garage with even ground. Our innovative Adjustable Safety Feet have been cherished and loved by many of our customers and continues inspiring our team at Telesteps to take innovation even further. Nothing should limit a steady and flexible work tool for a demanding work environment. The adjustable feet also extend the ladder up to 30cm.


  • No. Of Treads


  • Tread Width


  • Working Height


  • Length Extended


  • Length Closed


  • Width


  • Weight


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